Minutes of IQAC Meeting

(held in the Principal’s office on 13.07.2022 at 12.00 noon)


1.      Dr. Khushila : Principal-Cum-Chair

2.      Mrs. Suman Sirohi : Coordinator

3.      Sh. Subhash Chander

4.      Sh. Dharmender Kumar

5.      Ms. Supriya Chopra

6.      Sh. Vivek Kumar : On Exam Duty

7.      Dr. Satyawan Polist

The meeting of the college IQAC was chaired by the worthy Principal Dr. Khushila, in her office today. The agenda of the meeting were as follows –

1.      To chalk out IDP and strategies for the session 2022-23

2.      To discuss the feasibility and future prospects of PAC

Welcoming one and all present on the occasion, the IQAC coordinator began with the agenda related to PAC and apprised the chair that as per the recent direction of the Higher Education Department, the faculty was actively engrossed in collecting and arranging the data (for uploading the required information) related to qualitative as well as quantitative questions asked under PAC. However, the job seemed infeasible at present on account of suspension/withdrawal of PAC related links and further details from its portal by NAAC; in the absence of which it couldn’t be possible to upload the desired information.

Resolution: - It was resolved to take the final call in this matter after getting in touch with the higher authorities in this context.

Agenda II – Worthy chair called upon one and all present on the occasion to chalk out such plans and strategies for the development of our institution as may lead  to the fulfilment of both our vision and mission of providing quality education to the women students and of making them empowered and self reliant in life.

The same should act as catalyst, aimed at promotion of holistic, academic and administrative excellence. Ours should be quest for both inculcation of culture of excellence among all the stakeholders and development of our institution into centers of excellence.

Valuable suggestions on this agenda item were thereafter invited from the members of IQAC. After detailed discussion, the following initiatives were proposed by the committee -

1.      Preparation and implementation of -

a)      Semester wise curriculum/ lesson plan i.e. academic calendar

b)      Activity calendar, including co-curricular activities to be conducted by various cells such as cultural, N.S.S, Women Development Cell, BBBP, Legal Literacy Cell, ICCASH, Sports and Placement Cell etc.

2.      Constitution of Subject Societies -

Aims and Objectives:-

a)      To ensure participation of the students in the direction of being better learners and confident enough to be valuable resources to the institution.

b)      To provide platform for the inculcation of leadership qualities by assigning various roles and responsibilities as office bearers.

3.      To get semester/session wise student satisfaction survey done.

4.      To get MOUs signed by Women Development Cell, ED, and NSS with renowned state/ national/ international institutes/ industries/ social organization/health sectors and ensure organization of extension, outreach programmes and community work in the welfare of students and society by spreading awareness about health, gender equality, skill development, legal rights, career counseling, placement etc. and ensure maximum participation alongwith maintaining proper record of the student in this regard.

5.      Placement Cell should plan such activities as are goal oriented and job oriented. It shall keep track of placement of the graduates apart form regular organization of counseling sessions for competitive exams, preplacement trainings and encourage the students for registration with the District Employment Office/HKRN.

6.      To conduct internship/field work especially related to commerce/ Geography and EVS students.

7.      To be conducted at least one value added/job oriented/soft skills/life skills programme by each and every teaching dept. during the session.

8.      To get the Alumni Association registered and functional and to hold alumni meeting during the session.

9.      To be conducted inter or intra college state/ national level conferences/seminars etc. by various cells in collaboration with IQAC.

10.  To maintain and implement institutional values and best practices as per PRaYAAS and NAAC  by ensuring/ promoting the use of LED, solar energy, bicycles, ban on plastics, stress on tree plantation, green and clean environment, besides the availability of divyangjan friendly environment to get academic, gender, green and energy audit done both at internal as well as external level.

11.  To conduct PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) during odd and/or even semester and get the feedback of the parents on institution and its values.

12.  To keep proper record of mentees including their profile, qualification, participation and that of their achievement at academic and curricular level etc. Mentor–mentee groups should be student centric with focus on guidance, motivation and personal growth of the mentees.

13.  To maintain proper, systematic record of the admitted students and their university results later on, duty signed by the competent authority.

14.  To identify the students having interest in various sports activities and assist in nurturing their potential by connecting them to district level coaches.

15.  To promote a learner-centric environment by registering the students in LMS and increasing the use of smart class room, e- content/digital content/LMS etc. to deliver lectures. Proper record of experiential learning, innovative practices, of participative learning and problems solving methodology is to be maintained for the enhancement of learning experience. Efforts should be made to assess the learning level of the students and organize special programmes for advanced learners and slow learners by adopting technique conductive to the local situation.

16.  To increase the footfall in library on daily basis and to maintain its record, too. To be subscribe e-journals, e- books and have remote access to resources.

17.  To decrease the gap in student computer rates and increase IT facilities on campus including Wi-Fi and internet.

18.  To engage in research work and get the research papers published in Scopus/ web of Science /Indian Citation Index/ UGC carelisted journals etc. Focus should also be made on publication of chapters in books.

19.  To update the college website by publically notifying the following committees on the college campus –

(a)      Grievance Redressal Committee (b) Anti-ragging Committee (c) ICCASH

20.  To ensure celebration of national/international commemorative days and festivals.


 Future Plan

1.      To encourage the faculty for undergoing regular Assessment and Accreditation in near future.

2.      To strengthen the college IQAC by including external members as per norms.

3.      To promote and monitor various college level activities on a regular basis.

4.      To keep documentation of all the activities conducted by various cells by instructing the incharges concerned to submit a copy of the compliance report with the IQAC alongwith supporting documents like notices/circulars, newspaper reports and geotagged photographs etc. on the provided link.

The meeting ended with thanksgiving to the chair.